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First things first, congratulations on your bundle of joy! This is such an exciting time in your life and I am so happy you've chosen to have newborn photos done! I know that for new parents newborn photos can sometimes feel daunting, but I promise you will be so glad you decided to invest in them!

In this blog post I will lay out 5 helpful tips for preparing for your newborn session with me!

1. Choose a location that feels best for your family

Does the idea of a photographer coming into your home make you so stressed out that you don't think you could enjoy your photo session? For many people that might be the case! Please please please don't worry what state your home is in! I have a baby at home myself so I know that often times the house messes are difficult to stay on top of. When I do an in-home session the first thing I will be looking for is a room with lots of natural light. From there I can clean up a small area where we can shoot most of your photos. However if you feel that you would enjoy your session much more at another location, like a local park or conservation land we can do that too! Just make sure to pack up lots of the necessities, like diapers, wipes, blankets, swaddles and an extra onesie just in case!

*At the end of this post I will describe what kind of precautions I am taking in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Your family's safety is my first priority and I want to make sure you feel comfortable during your photo session.

2. Feed your little one shortly before your session

Babies will be sleepier and easier to photograph soon after a feeding. We can also take as many feeding breaks as you need during your photo session. My newborn sessions are up to 2 hours, so we have plenty of time to make sure your little one is fed and happy!

3. What to wear

Whether or not you feel like you've got this whole 'taking care of a tiny human' thing down, choosing outfits can feel overwhelming! I don't want you to worry about this too much! You don't have to have the perfect outfit in order to get great newborn photos.

Here are a few simple things to keep in mind when choosing your outfits:

  • Choose something comfortable! You might have a c-section scar that needs to be handled carefully or you might simply still be sore from labor. You might be an adoptive parent and don't have the physical discomforts from being in labor, but you will still want to be nice and cozy for these photos!

  • Simple, solid colors are great! Bonus if you choose light colored clothing because milk stains and spit up are less likely to show, haha! Maternity denim or leggings paired with a white tank top and a cozy beige cardigan is a wonderful outfit that is comfortable and functional! Choose one parent to style first and then build the rest of the outfits accordingly. I have a multiple blog posts on coordinating family outfits. You can find them here and here

  • Keep baby simple. A simple white onesie, a textured grey wrap or a white onesie paired with a baby cardigan are all wonderful options. By keeping baby's outfits simple you are making less work for yourself and your photos will be timeless!

Still feeling stumped on what to wear? Send me an email! I am happy to provide wardrobe consultations for your photo session!

4. Attitude is everything!

As with most aspects of becoming a parent, going with the flow will serve you well! During all of my family sessions, not just newborns, I like to follow the lead of the babies/children. They are really the ones in charge when it comes to photos, am I right? If your baby is having a hard time while we are trying to capture a photo of them all wrapped up on the bed let's take a break! I can transition into taking photos of you snuggling with them while sitting in a rocking chair. The last thing I want is for you to stress out about how well or not well your baby is handling the session. Try your best to relax and go with the flow of the session.

5. Temperature

One simple thing you can do to prepare for your newborn photos is to make sure your environment is nice and warm! Try to have your space as warm as 75-80 degrees. Your baby was in a super warm and cozy womb for about 9 months, so the warmer the space the better. You can also use a space heater if that works better for you! If you are choosing an outdoor location, make sure to wrap up your babe so they will be nice and cozy.

There you have it! I hope that this post is helpful to you as you prepare for your newborn session! I can't wait to hang out with your family and capture these precious memories.

*COVID-19 Precautions:

During all newborn/family sessions I will be wearing my mask the entire session. I ask that my clients wear masks if we will be in close proximity of each other (i.e closer than 6 feet) which could potentially happen during the setup of poses. Once we are socially distanced (more than 6 feet apart) my clients can remove their masks for photos. I am using my longer focal length lenses so that I can be distanced from you and your family while still capturing close up shots!

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