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Today's blog post is full of sweet baby girl goodness and lots of love from her parents (and furry siblings, haha!) I met Ally all the way back in grade school, so I was excited to meet up with her again and to meet her husband, Asa. They just welcomed their first baby, Sophia, a few months ago! She is the sweetest little thing and I had a blast capturing images of her with Ally and Asa. I love interior design as well so if you hire me for your newborn shoot I will for sure be photographing the nursery details! Ally's sister-in-law made the adorable watercolor art you'll see on the walls! Ally and Asa love sloths, so you might see a few of them in their photos!

After we took photos inside we headed outside and captured some sweet moments in the fall foliage! That's also when I got to meet miss Sophia's four legged siblings, Gunther and Freddie, the french bulldogs! They were so happy to join their humans for a few photos!

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