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Fall is officially here in Massachusetts! I've talked about this before on my Instagram before, but usually I am a season pusher. It can be mid August and I'm day dreaming of cooler days and sweaters with super long, cozy sleeves, but that hasn't been my reality this year. This year I haven't felt ready for summer to end. COVID-19 has made it feel as though I haven't been able to experience a "real" summer. I'm comparing this year to summers before and it's just not the same. Although this year I have my beautiful baby girl, which has been the most amazing experience, but all those dreams of what my first summer would look like with her never came true. It has been a season of social distancing, not seeing as many family members as I would like to and so much worry that my heart feels heavy.

One thing that has been such a good creative outlet for me has been my photography, especially after my maternity leave. I can do it while socially distanced and it allows me the chance to get out of the house and meet new people and also see many of my returning clients! I have looked forward to my sessions this year more than years past, probably because it makes me feel semi-normal to be back doing what I love and I get to put COVID-19 out of my mind (for the most part) as I capture other people's memories! Anyways, enough of my rambling and on to the photos of my most recent family session. This family was so fun. With three young girls it was a high energy shoot, which is always fun. I love to capture candids of the kiddos as they run around and play. Add in some beautiful foliage and fallen leaves and you've got a recipe for a fun shoot. I hope you love scrolling through a few f my favorites!

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