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I am so excited to bring you this newest blog post! I met this sweet family at their parent's farm house in New Hampshire and it was an epic location for portraits. Farm house sheds, rows of zinnias, wildflower gardens and even a tractor! I took these photos during golden hour which was amazing! If you are wondering what exactly golden hour is I will explain a little bit about it and tell you why I love it so much.

Golden hour is the hour before sunset and the hour after sunrise. The sun is nice and low in the sky, which creates softer, more flattering light. You'll know it is golden hour if the shadows on the ground are very long! This lighting is much more flattering on my clients because of the positioning of the sun. If you think about when the sun is very high in the sky, closer to mid day, it is going to create very harsh shadows on your face, making it look like you have dark circles under your eyes! As a new (still slightly sleep deprived) parent myself, I don't want to emphasize any dark circles that may or may not be there, haha!

Anyways, that's a little bit of the technical aspects of "golden hour". I love the soft, romantic, glowy light that I am able to capture and I think that this blog post is a perfect example of why I love this light so much. So if you are looking to have family photos done and you want this type of lighting, choose golden hour!

All right! On to this beautiful family! This little man stole the show during their family session. He recently turned 1 year old and was so much fun to photograph. We caught some really cute smiles from him and it was so fun!

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