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SHOP SMALL // Atelier Salon, Wellesley MA

Today I am showcasing the fabulous hair salon, Atelier, located close by in Wellesley, Massachusetts! Meghan Andrade, Atelier's owner, opened up her own hair salon 2 years ago after working in the salon industry for over 13 years. Meghan grew up nearby in Needham, MA and she now lives in Holliston with her husband and two kiddos! She has so much passion for taking care of people's hair that she decided to found her own salon. Atelier is a french term meaning 'a workshop or studio, used by an artist or designer'. I think the name suits the salon perfectly. It's not a tiny, two chair salon that feels stuffy, but it's also not a gigantic space that feels impersonal. It feels like you are stepping into an artist's studio with personal touches and a beautiful cohesive design. Atelier has such a fun vibe that you can feel when you walk in. Meghan and her team are all so genuine and welcoming! When she's not busy at the salon you can find Meghan most likely listening to 90's rap music, roaming around Target or spending time with her husband and kids! What she really enjoys doing the most is entertaining and spending time with friends and family, however the pandemic has obviously made that very difficult for many of us unfortunately.

I recently made an appointment with Meghan to get a much needed hair cut and it was such a treat. Oh! Also, a side note. You can book your appointment online, which is what I did and it was SO easy! Okay back to what I was saying. As many of you know I became a mother last year, so my free time has obviously diminished. Making that appointment and taking some time for myself was much needed. I arrived at the salon and they scanned my forehead for a temperature reading and of course the whole staff was wearing their masks. I felt very comfortable with the precautions they were taking at the salon which was really important to me. Meghan and I chatted about what kind of hairstyle I wanted and she made it a reality! For me it looked like shorter, low maintenance with some layers and texture! Meghan was able to look at my inspiration photos that I brought and helped me understand which look would work for my specific hair type! It was also important to me that I have a hair cut that will look good when it's not styled, because let's be honest, I'm not setting aside the time most days to blow dry and curl my hair haha. Anyways, it turned out fabulous and I cannot recommend Atelier enough!

You can check out Atelier's website HERE. You can also follow them along on Facebook and Instagram!

So let me introduce you to Meghan and her awesome team of stylists. You also will get a little virtual tour of the salon!


Let's meet her awesome team!





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