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SHOP SMALL // Authentic Auto Body, Holliston MA

Hi guys! Today I am highlighting a local, family-owned business here in Holliston! Now this blog post is slightly different than the usual businesses I have been focusing on, but this one is a good read I promise! Today I am talking about Authentic Auto Body owned by Steve Prioa. It is so important to find an auto body shop that you trust, so this post will be super helpful!

Authentic Auto Body has been in business for over four years! Steve Proia worked in the auto industry for over 15 years and he was tired of seeing customers getting taken advantage of. The auto repair/maintenance process is obviously something that most people are not 100% educated about, so that is why we turn to professionals. Steve wasn't happy with how he saw most customers treated during this process so he decided to take a leap of faith and start his own business!

Steve started Authentic Auto Body located here in Holliston and he has focused on building a business that treats customers fairly. It's right there in the business name, authentic! At Authentic Auto Body they focus on providing their customers with as much information about the repair process and timeline so that people leave their shop with a good understanding of what is happening. They also aim to handle as much of the correspondence with insurance companies as possible so they can relieve some of that stress from the customers. That right there is a huge benefit. I'm sure you can agree that it is generally not a fun experience when dealing with insurance companies, so if someone else is willing to do that for you, hallelujah!

Something that really stood out to me about Authentic Auto Body is that they are so supportive of other local businesses. Inside their shop they sell candles made by The Kitchen Sink Candle Co. based in Bolton, Massachusetts. For the holidays they created a local gift guide which included exclusive promotions and discounts for local gift items and services. They also have a "giving tree" where customers choose a gift tag for Project Just Because and they can donate a gift for a child in need! In turn they are entered into a raffle to win a free car detail! How cool is that?

Steve and his wife, Gabrielle, have three adorable kids, whom you will see in the photos below! They came to visit the shop and it was so much fun to take some candid shots of them and the Authentic Auto Body crew! When Steve and Gabrielle aren't at the shop or tending to other areas of the business, they love to travel! Probably more frequently pre-pandemic. Steve also enjoys taking care of his lawn and Gabrielle loves interior design. That we have in common for sure! I love me some interior design shows on HGTV!

When I visited the Authentic Auto Body shop I was able to take a tour around the facility and snap some photos of their employees hard at work! I was also able to meet Morgan, their social media manager! Morgan was a huge help and it was fun to chat with her about the business and her job coordinating their social media presence! It was really fun for me to take my creative eye into an auto body shop which is probably not the typical location for a photo shoot, haha! I hope you enjoyed learning more about Steve, Gabrielle and their family business!

If you want to connect with Authentic Auto Body you can access their website HERE. If you want to follow them along on social media you can head over to their Facebook and Instagram!

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