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SHOP SMALL // Bold Bodies Collective, Mitzie Gibson Photography, Holliston MA

Good morning friends! I am buzzing with excitement to share with you this amazing local business. Mitzie Gibson is a fabulous photographer located right here in Holliston at the Holliston Mill Studios on Water Street! She started her business, Bold Bodies Collective, 5 years ago and it is making waves in the best way. Mitzie is a body image advocate and an intimate portrait photographer. She believes that in order to build healthy relationships we must start with the relationship with ourselves first, and deprogramming body shame is a MUST during this process. That is what she focuses on with her clients during their session. It is more about the process of recognizing all of the falsehoods that we believe about our body and how we are 'supposed to look' and radically accepting yourself for who you are, right now.

Let me tell you a little more about Mitzie! It was so great to meet her at her studio, which is beautiful by the way, and chat about her background and how she came to be an intimate portrait photographer. Like many of us photographers she took a winding path to land where she is today. Mitzie is originally from Canada and originally went to school for Archaeology. After one of her initial jobs in archaeology she suffered from a back injury that unfortunately made her prospects of turning this into her career rather slim. She decided to take some time to travel and she backpacked through Europe! In Europe she had a friend that suggested she try going back to school to be a muscular therapist, which she ended up doing! From what Mitzie described, In Canada a muscular therapist is different than a massage therapist is here in the United States, it requires more schooling and more closely resembles what would be a physical therapist here in the U.S. So when Mitzie moved to the United States to be with her partner she was unable to practice all of her clinical skills she had learned in Canada due to certain regulations and laws. So Mitzie worked as a massage therapist in a spa environment and didn't feel quite fulfilled and she knew she wanted to use all of the life skills she had learned in a different way. Somewhere along the lines Mitzie had picked her camera back up and was doing photography for clients on the side of her day job. She worked with one client and noticed that the client was having a moment of self-criticism and body shame. Mitzie decided to use this moment as a mindful opportunity for the client. To stop her in the moment and recognize the body shame that she was feeling, sit with that feeling and eventually move through it. Aha! Mitzie realized that she was on to something good. She decided that from there she would focus on helping her clients recognize and move through the years of body shame and judgements that they hold against themselves. Mitzie contacted a psychotherapist and has been working closely with them to better serve her clients and approach the tough issues of radical self acceptance, body image and self love. Oh and by the end of your session you will have AMAZING photographs of yourself!

If you want to check out more of Mitzie's work and learn about booking a session with her you can head over to the Bold Bodies Collective website. You can also follow her along on Instagram and Facebook! Mitzie also has a Patreon that you can join and she does new monthly content with fun, exciting photo sessions! So check that out if you want to see more of her work and support her business!

It was a joy to meet Mitzie and photograph her in her studio! Her studio was bathed in natural light and it was really fun to capture her various setups that she was working on! I hope you enjoy scrolling through Mitzie's business photo shoot!

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