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SHOP SMALL // LUNCH BOX NUTRITION with Danielle Allen RD, LDN. Hopkinton, MA

Happy Wednesday friends! I am pumped to bring you the next installment of my SHOP SMALL blog series! Today I am going to be talking about Lunch Box Nutrition, owned by Danielle Allen of Hopkinton, Massachusetts. Danielle is a registered dietitian who currently works at a rehabilitation hospital. Over a year ago she decided that she wanted to start her own nutrition counseling business that provides people with evidence-based information in an easy to digest manner, pun very much intended, hah! So that is how Lunch Box Nutrition was born!

I really enjoyed talking with Danielle and reading through her website as well as her social media platforms to find out all about her approach to nutrition counseling. Long before I started my photography business I studied Nutritional Science in college, so I felt really connected to Danielle's mission to help people lead healthier, more balanced lives!

I just love Danielle's approach to healthy eating and it is something that I think we can all incorporate into our lives. Danielle believes that small, sustainable changes are what make for long-lasting results. Using a non-diet approach she works with her clients to make empowered choices that resonate with them and are going to work within their lifestyle. Danielle likes to tackle WHY people are eating what they are eating, rather than nitpicking WHAT they are eating. I mean what's the point of going on a crazy restrictive diet for 2 weeks if you haven't worked through the reasons WHY you end up making the decisions you do. That is not sustainable. Figure out why you are eating the way you are and then you can work on small changes that you will be able to stick with in the long run.

I also want to highlight her social media for a minute! Danielle's Instagram and Facebook are a must follow. Her posts are thoughtful, creative and most importantly helpful! She has such a realistic and attainable approach to healthy eating that you are going to want to follow along and pick up her nuggets of nutrition wisdom. You can also connect with her on her Website! She offers a free 15 minute phone call where you can chat and see if you feel like a good fit to work together!

2020 was a rough year. Why not start 2021 on a positive and hopeful note, right? You can work with Danielle to start putting yourself first. Take care of yourself and start making your health a priority. It's probably the healthiest 'Treat Yo Self' moment that you could take for yourself. Any Parks and Rec fans out there? Haha. Even if you don't feel you need to receive direct counseling from Danielle, you should still follow her on social media because she puts out great content that is super helpful!

When Danielle isn't working with her clients you can most likely find her in the kitchen cooking up new recipes, hiking, skiing, snowshoeing and traveling! I hope you all enjoy scrolling through these photos that I snapped while getting to know Danielle! It was so much fun to work together!

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