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SHOP SMALL // Peas Love and Parsley, Holliston MA

Hello again friends!

I have a great blog post for you today! I'm going to be talking about Peas Love and Parsley! Owned by Claire Toohey and Victoria Keller, this female owned business based out of Holliston, Massachusetts provides clients with a seed to table garden experience! They work with individuals or families that want to start or revamp their home garden. The wonderful thing is that they work with their clients from start to finish, providing education and guidance the whole time! Claire and Vicky work with people on the design of their garden, the building process, coaching throughout the growing and vegetable harvesting process as well as education through their newsletter. Their business is just so cool! I love that they love what they do and they want to share their passion with others. Let me tell you a little about why Claire and Vicky decided to start their own business.

Claire and Vicky started Peas Love and Parsley in 2019. They were often helping their friends and family start their home gardens and then one day when the two were having coffee together they realized that they should turn their passion for gardening into a business! Vicky and Claire were two moms on a mission and with hard work and dedication Peas Love and Parsley was created! I feel like this is the perfect time for this type of business. People are spending more time at home than ever and it is such a great time to start a garden and learn how to grow your own food!

It was so fun to meet Claire and Vicky and learn more about their business. I was able to join them while they were visiting a client for some end of the season cleanup and preparation for the next growing season! I even got to meet Claire's family's bunnies. How cute!

You can check out the ladies of PLP on their Instagram and Facebook! You can also check out their website which is full of information about their business and you can sign up for their newsletter! If you have been thinking of starting a home garden or you simply would like to start small with a porch planter of herbs you need to reach out to Peas Love and Parsley!

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