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Happy Small Business Saturday friends! I am so excited to be starting this new blog series where I will be showcasing local businesses around the Holliston, Massachusetts area! I grew up in Medway and now live in Holliston, so feel as though I am very familiar with the area, however upon starting this blog series I have had the pleasure of meeting tons of new people and learning more about their businesses. The people that I have met and worked with have poured themselves into their businesses and it truly shows.

Ever since I started my own business two years ago I have felt even more passionate about shopping small and supporting your local business owners. When you shop small you are supporting someone in your community and you are supporting their family. You are giving them

So today I am bringing you an awesome local business, Regal Street Wood Shop! Lee Ohman is the owner of his own custom woodworking business and he was so fun to work with. I even got to chat with his adorable son while I was taking photos. I am lucky enough to be able to call the Ohman family my neighbors! We met them three years ago when we moved to Holliston and they are such amazing people. They are the type of neighbors who you know you can count on if you need something or have, let's say an electrical problem, haha. I know this because it may have happened to us once or twice and Lee is also an electrician. He's a jack of all trades I tell ya. He also built a custom chicken coop for their family since they recently got chickens! I love taking my daughter, Addie, over to the fence to take a peek at the chickens and see what they are up to! It is so fun to have Lee and Danielle as our neighbors. Anyways, let me tell you a little more about his business and then you can peruse through a bunch of photos of him in action!

Lee started Regal Street Wood Shop just under a year ago after his wife asked him to purchase a custom table that came with a hefty price tag. He thought "hm I could do that myself" as many of us do as we are considering buying something that is very expensive. So Lee started researching and purchased the tools he needed to do the job. Throughout that process he realized that he loved woodworking. He started dedicating more time to it and created his own awesome wood shop. Lee creates everything from elaborate cutting boards to built-in shelving units. His work is beautiful and you can follow him along on Instagram and Facebook.

I also want to give a shout out to all the local businesses who have reached out to work with me on this project! It is so fun and I look forward to continuing to showcase some of the amazing businesses we have in the Holliston area. Keep checking back to my blog to see more awesome local business owners and I would love if you would think of them during this holiday season and consider purchasing your gifts from them! It means the world to all of us small business owners!

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