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SHOP SMALL // Simply Simple Farm, Medway MA

Happy Tuesday friends! Today I am so happy to be highlighting a local, up-and-coming farm! Tiffany Henault has always loved animals and in the spring of 2020 she opened her own urban farm located right in Medway, Massachusetts! It was a joy to meet up with Tiffany on a beautiful winter morning to take photos of the farm! Enjoying some fresh air and photographing the glowy sunlight filtering through the trees made my heart so happy! Simply Simple Farm has a variety of animals, which you will see in the photos I post down below! They have goats, chickens, ducks, koi fish, angora rabbits, cats and bees! They also have a fully stocked farm stand that offers tons of products from local vendors, like Cape Cod Coffee, Hippy Pilgrim Spice Rubs, Foss Farms marinara sauce, Don't Bee Shy honey and so many more! You can also see Tiffany at local farmers markets promoting her farm and the unique products they offer!

I love finding new local spots that I can take my daughter to and Simply Simple Farm is a perfect quick outing to get us out of the house and breathing some fresh air. This urban farm is large enough that there are plenty of things to do, like saying hi to all of their animals and visiting the farm stand, but it's not so huge that you will be worrying about losing your kids who are running around. Oh also I want to talk a little more about Tiffany's farm stand. The Simply Simple Farm store sells fresh eggs from their chickens as well as so many other products and they utilize the honor system. You can use their electronic system to plug in the items you want to purchase, pay for them and boom, you're done! I don't know about you but in 2020 and continuing into 2021 the name of the game for me was efficiency. I don't want to be running around to multiple stores to get my groceries and gifts for friends/family. The farm stand is perfect for grabbing snacks, ingredients for dinner and that gift that you forgot you needed to drop off for your mother-in-law's birthday! Tiffany's got you covered. If I can combine a fun trip to a farm with grabbing those extra items I might need need during the week that is perfection!

If you want to learn more about Simply Simple Farm you can head over to their WEBSITE and you can also follow along on social media! They are on Facebook and Instagram!

I hope you enjoy scrolling through these dreamy, golden light farm photos! I had a blast running around capturing the many animals at Simply Simple Farm! The cute goats and fluffy rabbits might be some of my favorite photos!

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