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SHOP SMALL // T.C. Scoops, Medway MA

Hi friends!

I have a fun blog post today! I am featuring the local ice cream shop, T.C. Scoops owned by Tina Chemini, hence the T.C.! This one is close to my heart because I grew up in Medway, Massachusetts and it has been really cool to see the town change and develop as the years go by. T.C. Scoops is located in one of the town's central plazas and is super convenient to get to.

Before the holidays I met up with Tina at her ice cream shop for her photo shoot and we chatted about business during the pandemic. The restaurant industry has taken a huge hit during the pandemic and I am so happy to be showcasing a local shop that relies on community support!

T.C. Scoops has been open for 9 years and offers tons of yummy ice cream flavors. They even have a libations bar! You heard me right. You can order drinks like local New England craft beers or one of their fancy ice cream cocktails. I'm literally reading the menu as I type up this blog post and I am craving one of these fun cocktails! If you follow me on social media you might know that I am currently on a dairy free diet so that I can continue breastfeeding my daughter who has a milk allergy, however you best believe that once I am done nursing her I am heading to T.C. Scoops to try their "B-52 Frappe" that is made with Kahlua, Amaretto, Bailey's and coffee ice cream. YUM! T.C. Scoops also offers Boar's Head hot dogs, named their "Scoop Dogs" and you can get tons of toppings on them.

When you head to the T.C. Scoops website you'll see that you can actually order your food items online! This would be such a fun date night idea or even a family night tradition! You could pack up a small cooler with ice packs, order up a couple hot dogs with a bunch of toppings and your favorite ice cream. Head over to T.C. Scoops to pick up your order and place your ice cream in your cooler. Drive to a scenic location or even just your driveway, haha, and enjoy a cozy meal with your loved ones!

T.C. Scoops also offers so many cute and local gifts! You'll see in the photos there are these adorable peg dolls that are painted to be various historic people and characters. T.C. Scoops also offers catering for events like parties and weddings. Obviously large gatherings have decreased lately due to the pandemic, but hopefully this is something we can look forward to when we reach a more "normal" life!

If you want to check out their menu you can head to the T.C. Scoops website. You can also follow them along on Facebook and Instagram!

Enjoy scrolling through the photos from Tina's business photo shoot! Be prepared to hear a grumbling noise coming from your stomach, hah!

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