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I am so excited to bring you another amazing small business today! Meet Anne St. Vrain of All Simple Treasures! Anne has always had an eye for design and creativity as well as appreciation for nature and the natural world. She decided to make her love of crafts and creativity into a business. Like many people Anne found herself without full-time work during the pandemic, so she decided that it was an opportunity to launch her own small business!

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Anne at a local craft pop-up shop as well as at her home so I could see her home office and creative space! It was really fun to see all the materials she works with like recycled glass beads. Anne is really passionate about nature and incorporating more eco-friendly materials whenever she can. I think that is so important and something that customers are looking for more than ever before. Another material that Anne incorporates into her pieces are wooden beads that can be used to absorb essential oils. Anne is a self-proclaimed essential oil enthusiast! We chatted all about oils and how they can be an amazing component of overall wellness. Her pieces that have wooden beads can be worn as personal diffusers! Meaning that you can simply place a drop of your favorite essential oil onto the bead and it will absorb and carry that scent with you on the go! So cool! I have personally used a drop of essential oil onto a cotton ball and brought it with me, however her jewelry is definitely a more stylish option, haha!

When I visited with Anne at her home we got a visit from her furry friend, her cat! You'll see her in the photos below! Anne also talked about how it has been such a great learning experience for her children to talk about business, profits, labor and materials. Real life education about business is something that she has enjoyed sharing with her kids and I think that is so great! She also mentioned how it has surprised her how much her sons have become interested in the creative aspect of her business, which is so fun. When she isn't working on her business Anne enjoys gardening and decorating! I hope you've enjoyed getting to know her through my blog and scroll through to see some of the photos from her business photo shoot!

You can check out All Simple Treasures on her Esty Shop, Facebook and Instagram!

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