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Hello friends! We are heading into colder weather here in New England, although that was not the case for the day I am writing this! I think when you live in New England you start to get used to crazy weather, like today which was almost 70 degrees! Anyways, in general we are heading towards those colder temps and that is the vibe of this family session. We had a little surprise snow storm come through and cover the ground in a few inches of snow, which made these photos more magical to me. The snow-covered ground and golden, glowy light made for beautiful portraits!

I love working with this family. If you've read my previous blog posts you will probably recognize Molly and Scott! I recently did their newborn photos and also their maternity photos. So I was super excited when Scott's mom reached out to do a full family session! They are all so funny and I had such a fun time chatting and catching up with everyone. We met up at Mill Pond in Ashland, Massachusetts for their photo shoot. We had beautiful sunlight filtering through the trees and snow everywhere, it was so gorgeous. I hope you enjoy these images and if you are ever hesitant about booking a session when there's snow on the ground, let these photos encourage you to go for it!

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