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Hello my peeps! I am excited to be bringing you another blog post on what to wear for your fall and winter photo session! I personally love putting these outfits together and seeing what looks good together. I have scoured the internet for some classic yet trendy pieces to keep things fresh!

Let me start off by going over some of the helpful tips that will be helpful no matter the season! After my 5 tips I will post tons of curated outfits that would look great for your next photo session.

1. Neutral colors generally photograph better

For a clean and bright style look for neutrals like blues/creams/greys. This will create a timeless and classic look.

2. Choose colors within the same temperature

In order to create a cohesive look decide whether or not you want a cool versus warm color scheme. For example if you gravitate towards cooler colors, like grey and white, make sure that the rest of your family is also in similar tones.

3. Limit patterns to one or two people

I love the visual interest that a patterned dress or shirt brings to an outfit collection. Whenever I am choosing outfits if I find a piece of clothing that has a pattern I will select that item first and build the rest around it. Also try to avoid very tiny prints as they can sometimes look a little funky in photos!

4. It's better to overdress than to underdress

I don't think I've ever had a client regret dressing up for their photos! When you dress up a bit fancier than you normally do it brings a touch of elegance to your photos. Even if you are trying to wrangle your small children and they are running around like crazy and you start to regret putting on that dress, I promise you your photos will still turn out amazing! Drop the expectations on how your kids should behave and let the kiddos direct the session, it always turns out better when this is how we approach it!

5. Add visual interest with textures

Trying to make your outfit collection look interesting but not too busy? Add textures! I love when a client pairs a chunky knit sweater over a cotton dress, or a little girl's ruffled romper paired with tassel ankle boots. Get creative with texture, you won't regret it!


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